Innovate Church
Innovate Church
Gerald Faulkner

Welcome to Innovate Church

Church community for those that can't, or don't, attend a physical church.

About Us

We are an online church community for those, and their families, that do not attend a physical church gathering. You may be physically or mentally unable, or just don't want to. No matter the reason, we welcome you here, as we believe you belong in a community that will show love to you and encourage you to grow in your faith journey.

Why Join Us?

It is our heart to learn together, grow together, and serve one another in love. You may struggle with a physical or mental disability that has limited your ability to attend a physical gathering in a building, but that should not limit your opportunity to be in community with other faithful followers of Christ.

Experience Church

Sundays at 4PM EST, we stream our service of word and worship on YouTube, and then come together in Zoom for a time of community for further discussion and catching up with one another.

Tuesday’s at 7PM EST, we offer a time of praise & prayer sharing in Zoom. Join in as a community praying together for specific needs.. Everyone is welcome to join with their own requests. 

Thursday’s at 7PM EST we have open discussion of the biblical text/teaching for that week using our Zoom meeting room. This allows us to have meaningful discussion around the text and to dive deeper into what it means to each of us. Jump in to learn more about God and His Word and experience biblical community together. 

Families Included

Your family means the world to us and we want to help your family grow in the Lord. So parents, grandparents, even aunts and uncles, we want to provide you with ready made teachings and resources that will help you spend quality time with your children in educating them about the love of Jesus.